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five holy men
Five holy men

Rules and biases

Self-awareness is, at the minimum, understanding your own diversity and culturally determined identity, rules, and biases. As you develop this self-awareness, you can clearly articulate your own identity, rules, and biases. You begin to move from strongly preferring only your own views to becoming more comfortable with new and diverse perspectives. Self-awareness of your identity leads you to progress from looking for sameness to seeking complexity based on diversity and differences.

Your assignment in this step is to look at your own identity and reflect on the rules or biases you experience when facing diversity. I already shared with you my experience and identity of growing up in a racially white dominate community. As a “Baby Boomer”, I have rules and biases associated with my generation.

Please share in comments the rules and biases based on your identity that you experience. Then discuss the comments of your fellow learners.

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