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image of grass and trees and undisclosed objects
What do you see?

Describing diversities

What do you see in this scene? Describe what you see. Please do not interpret or evaluate what you see. Restrict yourself to only describing.

The challenge in this assignment is that most of us do not realize that describing is not the same as interpreting. We do not have awareness that interpreting is different from evaluating. When I restrict myself to describing, I share only what can be seen or heard or felt. I see a blue sky. I see green grass. I see white milk in a glass. The glass feels cold. I hear a person speak in a loud voice. I see a man wearing a suit. These are descriptions.

Interpreting adds another layer to the description. I interpret the loud voice as being angry or afraid or surprised. I interpret the man wearing a suit as being an important or wealthy person. My interpretation may not be correct. My interpretation is based on the meaning I make from my description. My meaning making may be correct or incorrect.

For this step we only want you to describe what you actually see in the scene above. Please refrain from interpreting. Please share one facet or element of what you actually see in comments. Remember, refrain from interpreting or evaluating. Now provide feedback to three to four others on the facets they described in comments. Did they describe accurately? Did they interpret what they saw? Did they evaluate what they saw in the scene?

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