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scene of grassy field and trees and termite mounds
Describing, interpreting, and evaluating

Putting it together

Please allow me to demonstrate describing, interpreting, and evaluating this image. When I first saw this image, I jumped to an incorrect conclusion that this scene was an abandoned burial site in a tropical nation. What did you conclude?

If I describe what I see in the image, I see very lush green grass in a meadow with trees in the background. There are upright dark objects scattered across the meadow. The sky is sprinkled with clouds. A hill is on the near horizon.

Interpreting, I first perceived the upright dark objects as very old and weathered tomb stones. I interpreted the trees as tropical vegetation and therefore the scene was from a tropical nation. I interpreted the state of the green grass as not mowed.

My evaluation was: this was an example of how quickly we can forget those who die and are buried. My evaluation was perhaps it is not the best when current generations do not remember, maintain, and respect the burial sites of the generations that preceded them.

This is not the correct understanding of the scene. In reality the upright, dark objects are termite mounds. Are you from a part of the world so that you easily recognized them as termite mounds? For those of us from a part of the world where these are not recognized as termite mounds, discuss the process of incorrectly interpreting based on our lack of knowledge. Do we do this with diverse others and differences that we do not understand or readily recognize? Do we interpret and evaluate incorrectly when we lack experience with diverse others?

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