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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsSo previously, we focused on data, particularly data analytics and looked at how mature your operations were. What we want to do now is expand that into the wider context. So how does your data opportunity sit with the ambition of your organisation. By ambition what we're talking about is your data strategy, your data investments and how they're aligned with the organizational ambition, the organizational strategy the Organizational investment... Next thing we want to look at, it's all great having ambition, but if you can execute on this, then that's just a wee story you're telling yourself. So, ability to execute is pretty key.

Skip to 0 minutes and 48 secondsAnd by ability to execute we mean, do you have the people, the processes, the technology in place to actually deliver the value, there that you're looking to get. The final one is the wider environment and by environment, what we're talking about there is the culture of the organization, is the leadership of the organization and the governance of the organization. So what we'll do is explore each of those and then basically create that grid, so we do you sit on this maturity? going from low to high. So I have... None of this to... I have a foundation capability for this, I've actually got a leadership possibly breakaway capability in there.

Skip to 1 minute and 25 secondsSo what we're gonna get you to do is a bit of self assessment, so where do you sit at the moment? And typically, this might look like... Well, I've actually got some reasonably good data, I've probably got some reasonably good people, but my processes and the way I integrate with the rest of the organizations is pretty slow. Do I have an ambition? yeah but mostly I talk about it, it's not written down and its definitely not aligned with the organization and from an environment perspective, we haven't set a leader in place. So you go from a point of...

Skip to 1 minute and 56 secondsI've actually got some fairly good data and fairly good people, but I'm setting them up to fail 'cause I don't have the wider environment in place. So once you've worked out where you are, the key thing we want to do is, well, where do you want to get to? So I need to improve my ability to execute. I need to improve the alignment of my ambition, so people buy into what I want to do, I need to set up the right environment for me to succeed. So, I've put these all in the one place here.

Skip to 2 minutes and 21 secondsSo a kind of foundation level you want to create, but it might not be that you have to work it where you want to get to and what this will allow you to see is, where you are, where you want to get to and start to reflect on how easy or hard is that journey? So if it's too hard, think about toning it in. If it's too easy, if it's not meaningful enough, if it's not impactful enough, think about pushing your ambition out. So we're gonna do this exercise and then ultimately off the back of that, we've got number of canvasses for you to fill in.

Skip to 2 minutes and 46 secondsSo we'll fill in your canvas and you'll start to write down, what you're gonna do when you go back to realize the value of the opportunities you've identified, so far.

Welcome to Week 3

This week we will build upon the data analytics assessment and introduce the data maturity matrix to understand what, beyond the data, is needed for success.

Model showing ambition relating to strategy (data aligned to strategy) and investment (data investment in plan), ability to execute relating to people (skills in place and rewarded), process data porcesses embedded) and technology (sophistication of tools) and fimnally environment related to governance (ethical oversight), leadership (clarity and accoutability) and culture (open and adaptable)Success model (Click to expand)

I will explain the model as we go through the week but as a quick exercise, take a minute to consider these additional dimensions (from strategy to culture) reflecting on how data-aligned, or at least data-friendly, they are in your organisation. Don’t spend too long on this as I am just looking for you to capture your first impression. We will come back to this later.

As we proceed, we bring this life by hearing from industry leaders so that, when you decide what you need to do next, your actions are realistic and informed by their experiences.

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