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Summary week 2

Congratulations, you have just completed week 2!

The week started with the fundamentals of mass transfer and how it is coupled to heat transfer. The main focus here was on diffusion – inside the product as well as from the product to the surrounding air.

Then, this knowledge was applied to different dryer setups, which were divided in convective and conductive dryers.

In the sessions on convective dryers, the setup, usage and working principle of belt dryers, tray dryers, fluid bed dryers and spray dryers were covered. You learned how the drying process in these can be influenced.

In the sessions on contact dryers, drum dryers and freeze dryers were covered. In these steps, you learned, for instance, how the freezing rate influences the subsequent drying in freeze drying.

Week 3 will focus on encapsulation. In this week different raw materials for encapsulation as well as different encapsulation processes will be covered.

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Drying and Encapsulation of Food Ingredients in Powder Form

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