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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsThe alphabet. Here we go. [DUTCH SPOKEN] a, b, c, [DUTCH SPOKEN] d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, [DUTCH SPOKEN] r, s, t, [DUTCH SPOKEN] u, v, w, x, y, z. Pay careful attention to the following letters and their pronunciation. [DUTCH SPOKEN] a, e, i [DUTCH SPOKEN] v, w, [DUTCH SPOKEN] y and [DUTCH SPOKEN] ij/ei [DUTCH SPOKEN] So more information about [DUTCH SPOKEN] y/ij/ei, the y, the old Dutch i j, which is still used in names and mainly used in foreign loan words, such as "yoghurt" and "hobby" is called [DUTCH SPOKEN] Griekse y [DUTCH SPOKEN] Ypsilon i j and e i sounding [DUTCH SPOKEN] ij They sound the same.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 secondsThe e i is called [DUTCH SPOKEN] korte ei, and the i j [DUTCH SPOKEN] lange ij. And it counts as one letter. The most common vowel combinations are [DUTCH SPOKEN] au, as in [DUTCH SPOKEN] augustus, [DUTCH SPOKEN] ie as in [DUTCH SPOKEN] drie, [DUTCH SPOKEN] ei, de maand mei [DUTCH SPOKEN] eu, leuk, oe, goed, [DUTCH SPOKEN] ui, huis Some phrases on spelling. [DUTCH SPOKEN] Hoe spel je dat? [DUTCH SPOKEN] Is dat met een k of met een c? Kunt u dat spellen? of Kan je dat spellen? Zal ik het spellen? Ik heet Lieve de Boer. [DUTCH SPOKEN] l, i, e, [DUTCH SPOKEN] v, e, d, e, b, o, e, r

The alphabet

Watch the video about the alphabet and spelling in Dutch.

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This video is from the free online course:

Introduction to Dutch

University of Groningen

Course highlights Get a taste of this course before you join:

  • Listen and repeat
    Listen and repeat

    Practise your speaking skills in Dutch: watch the video, listen carefully and repeat. The phrases are from the dialogues of week 1 of this course.

  • Watch and read: regular verbs
    Watch and read: regular verbs

    Watch and / or read the explanation and examples on this part of Dutch grammar: regular verbs. Also: learn how to practice Dutch grammar.

  • Watch and read: the time
    Watch and read: the time

    Watch and/or read about the principles of telling the time, with practical phrases, in Dutch.

  • Microphone
    Authentic audio samples

    Listen to learners of Dutch talking about themselves. Do you recognize some of it? And: an invitation and tool to send audio with you speaking Dutch!