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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsMake a suggestion-- to make a suggestion, we use the verb "zullen" in a question mode. This function is, of course, only with we and I, so "we" and "ik".

Skip to 0 minutes and 22 seconds"zullen we?" "zal ik", for shall we? Shall I? The conjugated verb is in the first position, and the action verb is at the end. Some examples are [DUTCH SPOKEN] Zullen we samen eten? [DUTCH SPOKEN] Zal ik pizza maken? This means, shall we have dinner together? Shall I make a pizza? And of course, you might want to know how to react positively to such a suggestion. You can use these phrases when you're enthusiastic or at least agree. [DUTCH SPOKEN]. Ja, goed idee! [DUTCH SPOKEN]. Ja, dat is een goed idee! for yes, that's a good idea! "Ja, leuk" or "Ja, dat is leuk" meaning that is nice. "Ja, lekker" or "Ja, dat is lekker" meaning, that tastes good.

Skip to 1 minute and 15 secondsAnd "Ja, graag", meaning, yes, please.

Making a suggestion

Watch the video about making a suggestion.

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Introduction to Dutch

University of Groningen

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  • Listen and repeat
    Listen and repeat

    Practise your speaking skills in Dutch: watch the video, listen carefully and repeat. The phrases are from the dialogues of week 1 of this course.

  • Watch and read: the time
    Watch and read: the time

    Watch and/or read about the principles of telling the time, with practical phrases, in Dutch.

  • Microphone
    Authentic audio samples

    Listen to learners of Dutch talking about themselves. Do you recognize some of it? And: an invitation and tool to send audio with you speaking Dutch!