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Stakeholders designing an RLO
Hearing aid users designing an RLO

'Unlocking the content' by participatory design

Involving potential users or stakeholders in storyboard workshops are an important step in designing an E-learning resource. In this photo, hearing aid users are participating in the design of an RLO for new hearing aid users to provide them with information on what to expect when they first wear their hearing aid, and how to get used to wearing it.

We sometimes refer to these as ‘unlocking content’ workshops because our and others’ research shows these provide a forum for critical debate around the content creation leading to relevant, reusable and high quality materials (Windle et al.,2007; O’Keeffe, O’Regan & Cashman, 2008). The workshops foster a sense of ownership of the process and the outputs, leading not only to the use of the E-learning resources themselves but a growing community of use around them as networks of people using them extend.

Collaborating with others

It would be great if you could join up with fellow learners to design an E-learning resource. You may find others with a similar subject interest to you who you may want to collaborate with in Weeks 3, 4 and 5 to create your storyboard and specification. Maybe you would like to follow fellow learners with similar subject interests?

If you want to collaborate with each other further, we will leave that to you to organise. Please post links to any groups you may form online and feel free to use the #FLelearningHealth tag in social media groups.

However, please remember to take care whenever you’re meeting people that you’ve met online and follow basic safety rules (make sure someone else knows where you’re going and when you should be back and always meet in a public place).

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