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Storyboard and pens
Storyboard and pens

Getting started with your storyboard

Now create your storyboard.

Now you have viewed the Week 3 materials, you can create your own storyboard.

Ideally, it would be better to do this in a group, but we understand that it may be impractical to do so as a part of this course. Therefore, please feel free to create your storyboard on your own, or with a friend or colleague - whatever is most convenient for you.

Storyboard template

You can download our storyboard template here in the following formats:

You may also have found your own storyboard or template which is fine too for this task.

Example storyboards

We have put some examples of storyboards that have been developed by HELM and various partners on a Padlet site. These may give you some ideas for your own storyboard, or they may reassure you that they do not have to be perfect.

Get creative

That’s about it really - now it’s your turn to get creative!


If you have any questions about creating your storyboard at this stage, leave them in the comments. Feel free to jump in and reply to your fellow learners’ comments and ‘like’ any particularly good pieces of advice.

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