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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds We still only have a working title for our particular RLO, at the moment. And it’s about demystifying the code. We wanted to actually ensure that first-year student nurses saw that the code was something integral to their professional practise, not just something that they put on the shelf or relates to registered nurses. It’s got to be part of their living and breathing activity for the rest of their careers.

Workshop 2: early stage of storyboard design

Forming ideas and discussion

We filmed Helen Laverty, a member of Fern’s project team, at an early stage of Fern’s workshop to talk about where her group were in the storyboard process. She talks about the early stages of working around a title called ‘De-Mystifying the Code’ (referring to the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conduct) and what they need their audience and learners to know about it.

The first stage of the storyboard workshop usually involves some degree of ‘forming and storming’ (Tuckman Developmental Sequence in Small Groups 1965) and Fern’s group did exactly this. So, initially there is likely to be lots of talking and discussion but having the large storyboard on the table helps to focus the attention of the groups on the task in hand.

Discussion point

  • Thinking about your Week 2 learning aim, what do you want your audience to know and understand?

Next step

After this step you can read an article exploring group development further.

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