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An image of a meeting to design the specification sheet for Fern's e-learning project.
Writing your specification

Writing your specification

Now it is your turn to develop a specification. We recommend that you put into practice what you have learned over the previous three weeks.

Before you begin please take a moment and consider the following aspects of an ideal E-learning resource.

An E-learning resource should:

  • be small in size and no more than 10 – 15 minutes long;
  • (usually) contain only one learning objective/aim, (The C2Hear examples viewed in section 4.5 contained two or three learning objectives);
  • engage your target audience;
  • make good use of media, (tip sheets are available in Step 4.4);
  • contain user interactivity and/or small ‘quiz style’ assessments to support the learning objective.

Your task

Create your own specification. Use the storyboard you developed last week to help you or if you haven’t developed a storyboard we have supplied a sample template for you to download and use. You are welcome to adapt this template or use something else.

What happens next?

Next week you will be able to upload your specification for review by your peers on the course. You will also be able to access and comment on their specifications. Step by step instructions will be provided next week on how to share your specification.

Some of you may not complete your specification by next week, but please don’t worry as you will still be able to share your specification even if it is in draft format.

Discussion points

We are keen to learn from your experiences, so please let us know:

  • Have we given you enough information to complete this week's tasks?
  • Is there is anything you liked or disliked in this week's content?
  • Do you feel confident enough to begin developing further specifications using the skills and information you have required so far in this course?

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