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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second (light music) <v ->Renewable energy.</v> <v ->Sustainable, just.</v> <v ->Affordable, equitable, clean.</v> <v ->Justice.</v> <v ->For the environment.</v> <v ->Future-focused.</v> <v ->Guiding philosophy.</v> <v ->Stability and adaptability.</v> <v ->Balance and justice.</v> <v ->Future generations.</v> <v ->Act now.</v> <v ->Livable and equitable.</v> <v ->Grass roots, ecological, justice.</v> <v ->Pay attention to climate change.</v> <v ->Planetary boundaries.</v> <v ->Mustering creativity.</v> <v ->A bright future.</v> <v ->Concern and equity.</v> <v ->Well-being, thriving.</v> <v ->Conscious choice.</v> <v ->Justice and openness.</v> <v ->Health and justice.</v> <v ->Sustainable enjoyment.</v> <v ->It’s a possibility of life.</v> (light music)

What does the future of sustainability mean to you?

Let’s get started by exploring what the future of sustainability means to each of us. In this video, we asked each of our guests to offer one to three words in answering the question “what does the future of sustainability mean to you?”

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, please tell us what resonated with you from this video, what the future of sustainability means to you in a few words, and why you chose these words. Please also read and respond to at least one other learner so we can begin to explore what this group means by sustainability.

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