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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 seconds The second risk for health, improper body maintenance. What is improper body maintenance? Say, we know we should exercise every day but in reality, we end up with insufficient exercise. Other influence factors like lacking mental activity, and public nuisance such as air pollution, as well as many bad habits you should be aware, are all possible causes for improper body maintenance. Insufficient physical activity is the most common problem in Taiwan. According to the statistics done by Health Promotion Administration, Taiwanese people do not get enough exercise on average. For elders, lacking physical activity may even cause losing strength in legs. Hence, difficult to walk. Lacking proper physical activity will cause degeneration of our physical functions. Especially for elders.

Skip to 1 minute and 4 seconds Thus, we must maintain proper exercise habits. Exercise can improve muscle strength and body flexibility. You can also improve your physical constitution. There are many other benefits to regular exercising, for instance, exercise can affect your brain cells. Lacking physical activity may also cause low bone density and obesity The last modern crisis is mental health problems. Mental problems can be very personal. It often comes from stress in daily life. Stress is the famous silent killer. So, how do we manage stress to maintain our health? I suggest to keep an open mind and avoid concerns and worries about trivial problems. Too much stress can cause one losing the adaptations of accommodating environmental changes Stree can also lead to mental diseases or depression.

Skip to 2 minutes and 1 second Other than that, it might also cause high blood pressure and further to deteriorate our resistance to diseases and immunity. In summary, the health risks mentioned above mainly come from improperness of these 3 aspects of health. We also mention this earlier, in nutrients intake, overeating meat may lead to high saturated fats, high cholesterol, Also, the diet which includes too much sugar on sugar-added drinks, less fiber and heavy intake of sodium, high calories, in addition to insufficient exercise activity, and stress will cause us to fall victim to chronic diseases in an earlier age and thus, shorten our lifespan. The risks of these chronic diseases become much higher. So I also called chronic diseases as “poor ifestyle disease.”

Skip to 2 minutes and 52 seconds Because these diseases come from unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. These chronic diseases can cause harm to our body. It causes progressive deterioration in the function of organs and cells. As a result, shoten one’s lifespan. You must not pledge your own health. Everyone should adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep one’s health.

Crisis 2: Improper Body Maintenance and Crisis 3: Mental Problems

Next, Prof. Hsieh will introduce the second and the third risks of health, improper body maintenance and mental problems.

Body maintenance, in other words, is regular exercise. To be more precise is the physical activity to enhance cardiovascular health. It also includes weight control and sleeps quality.

The last modern crisis is mental health problems. Too much stress can cause one losing the adaptations of accommodating environmental changes. Stress can also lead to mental diseases or depression. And further deteriorate one’s resistance to diseases and immunity.

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