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Skip to 0 minutes and 15 seconds In conclusion, we need a healthy lifestyle to build up a healthy immune system and to avoid disease. Here, “maintain” means a healthy immune system to protect your body. To maintain body immunity, We mentioned 3-features-method before First is nutrients. We should eat a variety of food and keep a balanced diet. If you are having difficult to keep a balanced diet, take some nutritional supplements to get adequate nutrients. And don’t forget to pay attention to sanitation and food safety. Second is body maintenance. Weight control is important. keep our body weight in a healthy range, and go to exercise regularly. Also, deep sleep is also important.

Skip to 0 minutes and 54 seconds Keep good habits to have regular bowel movements and normal urinary and defecation frequency, ditch bad habits, such as smoking and heavy drinking, adopt good behaviors and have regular health checks. Appropriate leisure activities include walking, jogging, cycling or playing an instrument are good activities physically and mentally. We also need to take care of our mental health since too much stress can also affect our immune system. I think everyone needs passion in life. Devotion is the other critial princpal in my suggestion. Because devotion means that we should do our duty to the best. It creates one’s confidence and achieved self-achievement. These are the important element for mental health. Passion in life means we should be able to engage in social circumstances.

Skip to 1 minute and 40 seconds Being friendly and a positive attitude improves positive social interactions. Finally, keep a good attitude to get along with yourself and others. These are my suggestion for maintaining mental health. If we keep the balance of the 3 aspects of health we can improve our body immune system. If one has a strong immune system, one can help keep good health so that one doesn’t have to worry about obesity or chronic disease, etc. One can think more positively and being comfortable engaging in social events. We all need a healthy body to have more energy to pursue our life-goal. Please remember, our life quality depends on our health. And our health is closely related to our immune system.

Skip to 2 minutes and 28 seconds We can strengthen our immune system by following the 3-feature method suggestion in this course. You reap what you sow. So, try to think about the 3 aspects in maintaining our health more in daily life. I’m glad to share the concept of healthy life with you. I hope everyone can have a long and healthy life. Thank you!


Prof. Hsieh concludes his 3-feature health promotion method. Do remember to keep a balanced diet, regular exercise, good sleep, and weight control. Also, taking care of mental health is important.

A life towards happiness requires a healthy body. Prof. Hsieh concludes his lecture by giving a blessing to everyone.

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