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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds Managing change is always a challenge, so thinking about having a really clear strategy for incorporating technology is important. Ideally your technology strategy should be incorporated into your school development plan, but if that’s not possible, having a separate strategy which is really closely aligned to your development plan and your school needs is essential. So it’s really important to trial a new initiative before you begin implementing it across the school, working out your key performance indicators so that you know what your intended outcomes are and what they’re going to look like and thinking about things not just like student outcomes but also about take up and about infrastructure as well as part of those key performance indicators.

Skip to 0 minutes and 48 seconds When deciding what technology to introduce into your school, it’s important to go out and look at what’s already out there, speak to leaders in other schools and see what they’re doing, go and visit other schools, take a look at what the research says about technology in schools. Don’t forget to look at the good quality practice that’s going on in your own school and the expertise there. Of course your staff and pupils will have a really good understanding of what your current situation is and what the needs are moving forward.

Our learning so far

The case studies we’ve explored have highlighted a number of key areas for us to consider with regards to managing and implementing technology change, which Katy Chedzey summarises for us in this short video.

  • Form a clear strategy that is incorporated or aligned to your wider school development plan
  • Consider what your impact measures will be; pupil outcomes, implementation, infrastructure
  • Conduct research first by networking with colleagues and engaging with research evidence
  • Make use of the in-house expertise that already exists with staff and pupils

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