What's next?

Next week, we’ll be exploring the conditions required for effective implementation of our education technologies strategy.

We’ll be introduced to change management, device, security and technical considerations

Week 2 - Establishing the conditions for implementation

  • How can you make an informed choice about devices in your school?
  • What are the technical considerations to support an effective strategy?
  • What are the security considerations to support an effective strategy?

Reflect on your starting point

Ahead of engaging with the next week of the course, take some time to reflect on your current practice so that you have some clear goals for your learning.

To what extent do each of the statements below describe your current context and practice?

Think carefully about these statements for yourself and with colleagues before next week. You might like to rate each statement RED (not in place), AMBER (somewhat implemented) or GREEN (fully implemented).

  1. Our school has a clear policy and approach to the use of devices by students and staff
  2. Our school has carefully considered the security considerations of education technology use, including the Cloud
  3. Our school has enabled effective and efficient use of education technologies by staff and pupils by investing in the internet, infrastructure, hardware and software

We look forward to seeing you for Week 2 of the course!


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