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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Welcome back to module 3 of the course. I’m Hannah, your host. This week, we’ll consider how a professional learning culture can support and sustain effective and efficient use of technology in your schools. It’s often a challenge to implement technology change effectively without first considering how CPD will support staff with the implementation in the classroom. We’ve learned in recent years through research and the publication of the standard for teachers professional development, that effective CPD is unlikely to take the form of a one-off event, in response to a perceived area of weakness, the kind that so many teachers have become accustomed to. The standard sets out that professional development should have a central focus on the pupil’s learning.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 seconds It should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise. It should include collaboration as well as expert challenge and it should, perhaps most importantly, be sustained over time. As leaders, your role is to ensure that development of this nature is prioritised and time for it protected. The initial considerations around CPD for teachers regarding technology will inevitably relate to the technical aspects. Far less considered seems to be engagement with the evidence that underpins its use.

Skip to 1 minute and 36 seconds Rather than introducing a new technology tool to teachers, training them in how to use it and then expecting to see its use and less as to support learning, we’ll be exploring more continuous models of CPD that engage teachers with evidence and focus on pupil outcomes such as communities of practice, journal clubs and instructional coaching. We will also take some time to consider online certifications, digital champions and other forms of CPD that focus on technical skills development.

Skip to 2 minutes and 13 seconds The CPD that you develop around your technology strategy will need to align with the rest of the professional learning culture in your school, so we’ll take a look at what the research evidence has to say about these cultures and the CPD that takes place within them to develop expertise at all stages of a teacher’s career. We look forward to learning with you all this week.

Week 3 introduction

Welcome to Week 3 of the course: Leadership of education technologies in schools

This week, we focus on how establishing and sustaining a professional learning culture to support your education technologies strategy is essential. In this week’s introductory video, hear an overview from your course educator Hannah Tyreman about this week’s learning content, where we will address the following questions:

  • What is a professional learning culture?
  • How might evidence-informed approaches to CPD support your education technologies strategy?
  • How can staff and pupils support a programme of CPD?

When you are ready, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘Communicating your strategy’ to first of all look at the important stage of communicating your vision to colleagues so that professional learning can begin.

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