Weekly summary and what's next

Thank you for posting examples of your revised learning outcomes and thanks to Matt for raising some of the issues with the representation of Bloom’s Taxonomy, this is something we need to consider in our own resources.

There were some good examples of flipped activities in Let’s explore online blended and flipped learning. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever activities you ask your students to do outside class you factor the time they spend doing this into the overall time requirement for the course so the activities don’t become an add-on and that they are not competing with commitments in their other courses.

One of the common issues raised in Blended and flipped learning: Lessons Learned is that students hadn’t completed the pre-class activities in blended classes. As many of you pointed out, making expectations clear and preparing students for a potentially different way of learning is essential and ensuring they have the appropriate skills to be more self directed in their learning.

In the third and final week of the course we focus on assessment and feedback and hear from UNSW students talking about their specific experiences within their faculties.

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