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Upcoming conference: Persuasive Technology XII, 2017

One final message in Week 1 that might be of interest for some of you: on 4, 5 and 6 April we will host the 12th edition of the international conference Persuasive Technology in Amsterdam! We are very much looking forward to it, and believe that this conference might appeal to you as well, so that’s why we will provide a bit more information about it in this step.

The conference location is the Westergasfabriek, a renovated 19th-century industrial complex, near the city center of Amsterdam, depicted below. If this course appeals to you, and if you are especially interested in the use of (eHealth) technology to support behaviour change, you will definitely like Persuasive Technology XII. You will be able to attend workshops, listen to talks of keynote speakers about their cutting edge research, take part in tutorials, and get inspired by presentations, posters and demonstrations of state of the art research in persuasive technology. More information can be found on the website of Persuasive Technology XII.


The theme of the conference is Smart monitoring and persuasive coaching.

Persuasive technology and behavior change support systems provide means of improving healthcare via co-creation with the end-users (caregivers, caretakers, family carers) and involved stakeholders (decision makers, policymakers and industrial organizations). Persuasiveness in healthcare can be achieved through the design of empathic technologies, adaptive to personalities and tailored to individual needs and skills, through mobile devices and ambient technologies. Persuasive strategies can be applied in empathic and person-adaptive designs for health to create trust, user-engagement and adherence. This year the conference builds bridges between persuasion and personalized healthcare via empathic, user-adaptive engaging technology, real-time data collection and smart evaluations to fit the users and the context. If you are a researcher or practitioner who works on designing, developing, evaluating or implementing persuasive technologies for health or if you are studying Big Data, sensor technologies for monitoring, personalized feedback and coaching, mHealth, data visualizations, serious gaming or social media, this is the perfect time to participate in the conference.

We sincerely hope to meet some of you in person in Amsterdam!


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