Skip to 0 minutes and 14 secondsDR DAKSHA PATEL: Hello, and welcome to week two. This week is titled S is for Surgery. The surgical intervention in the SAFE strategy is the action required to prevent blindness in patients who have cicatricial trachoma. We begin our description of this intervention firstly because it is the first letter in the SAFE acronym, but more importantly because it requires considerable planning, training of surgical teams, and long-term management within a health system. Throughout this week, we will look closely at the practical steps, from how to reach the patients, to clinically assess and counsel them for surgery. Implementing surgery in the remote settings needs to be well-planned and managed. We will look closely at all the steps that are required.

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Welcome to week 2: S is for Surgery

Surgery for trachomatous trichiasis aims to prevent blindness from trachoma. It has been estimated that we blink over 19,000 times a day. Imagine the number of scratches that would occur on the cornea from inturned eyelashes.

This week we look closely at how to find and reach patients with trachomatous trichiasis. In particular, we consider how to achieve good coverage and provide a high quality trichiasis surgical service with follow up for each patient.

S is the most urgent of the four components of the SAFE strategy: individuals with trachomatous trichiasis are at imminent risk of loss of sight, and should be offered management as soon as possible.

Establishing a surgical service requires trained and accredited personnel as well as good quality, functional instruments and equipment. We look closely at the importance of managing and supporting the district surgical team.

Please share your thoughts, experiences or even photographs with other learners as you go along each of the steps in this week.

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