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Researching the context of Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond was not an isolated or unusual storm to hit the UK.

It is, therefore, important to appreciate not only the storm, itself, its consequences, and the response to it, but also the significance of flooding events in the UK, and elsewhere.

Your task

Carry out some research into the frequency and seriousness of flood events in the UK and elsewhere, including their consequences and some of the broader social, economic and political issues involved in order to reflect upon their significance.

Locate four news articles that you think are relevant and use the comments section to share them with your fellow learners alongside your analysis.

To help you in this task you might want to use the resource available at the Guardian newspaper website that documents flooding occurrences in the UK. As this is a large resource you should review a selection of the clips and articles that occur between December 2015 and March 2016.

However, be aware that the Guardian could be considered to have one political perspective and you may wish to widen your search.

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