Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsWith battery electrification, energy efficiency is key. Because you have a very limited amount of energy in the battery, you have to take care of that energy, and use it the most efficiently. Diesel equipment wastes a lot of energy. The diesel engine and a diesel machine is, at best, somewhere around 20% energy efficiency. With a battery electric machine, we reduce the energy consumption with 80% compared to a diesel machine. This means we don't heat up the area where we're working as much. So if a diesel machine added 20 degrees, battery electric machines only add about three or four degrees. This is really important, because when mines need to air condition this is an enormous potential saving.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 secondsSo if we reduce the heat, we make our customers more profitable. If we stop wasting energy, we save our customers more money. So this is the business case around electrification underground. Even though the machines actually become more expensive, because, face it, batteries are expensive, the savings is in other areas. The savings is in ventilation, in reduced maintenance. There are no oils to change, or air filters to service. This is eliminated with battery technology. So this also means that you have to have less stops for service, which means the machines are actually more productive. A mine is a system, and when you look at this, you don't compare one machine. You have to look at the complete picture of the mine.

Skip to 1 minute and 49 secondsMachines would be a little bit more expensive, but the savings can potentially be enormous in ventilation, in service and logistics. Just getting fuel underground, how are you going to do that? In many mines, you have to have a complete organization just repacking fuel, taking it down a shaft, a skip, and taking it into work areas. Where you burn it, you generate heat, you generate particulates, which drives the ventilation, which costs money on surface, but they're related to the machine. If we change our machines, we offset the costs related to mining, and we also make mining greener, Why battery electrification underground? What are we after?

Skip to 2 minutes and 33 secondsWell, underground zero emission is the only safe way to go There is no safe limit of diesel particulates matter and there is no safe limits of NOx. So,zero emission is the only way forward and battery technology allows us to go for zero emission. Battery electrification underground is so important and by doing this we actually make the gold greener. Electrification for us is the way forward.

Business case of the underground mining electrification

What is the business case of electrification in underground mining? Erik Svedlund, Global Marketing Manager at Epiroc, explains the benefits of using battery powered machines in the long run.

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