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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsThe second law explains why anything happens at all. This week we'll examine the origin of the second law, and its influence on the efficiency of everything, from power stations to refrigerators. I'll introduce the concept of entropy, which can be thought of as the degree of disorder in a system. The simplest statement of the second law is that entropy increases in all real processes. To satisfy this requirement, some of our useful energy is always dissipated as entropy. We'll examine how we work with the second law of thermodynamics by producing power or moving heat using machines that operate in cycles.


The second law of thermodynamics controls just about every process that happens. It can be stated simply as ‘entropy increases in all real processes’. Watch Eann introduce this week’s exploration of the entropy. He also covers what the consequences of the second law are.

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Energy: Thermodynamics in Everyday Life

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