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Setting the scene

This week will cover:

  • A personal perspective from an adult on the Autism spectrum.
  • An introduction to the concepts of “netiquette” or online etiquette.
  • Course overview and introduction to the concept of “person first”.
  • Course structure and how to access resources and activities.

Personal Perspective

This film gives us one perspective of an adult on the Autism spectrum.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

‘Daniel De Luca (Short Film)’ by Christian Doran, licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

The original film was created from information gathered during client meetings held at Autism Victoria (now trading as Amaze). Producer Christian Doran saw the opportunity to expand the storyline and recreated a film which was named winner of Best Film at the Mindscape Festival, Canberra 2011. http://www.solarpictures.com.au/

Daniel’s perspective

Now that you have watched the film about Daniel you might like to think about which approaches by other people helped Daniel and which approaches caused problems for him.

Think about how you would feel if you were Daniel and what this means for how we support people on the Autism spectrum.

We will spend the next 6 weeks exploring scenarios like this one and discussing approaches.

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