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Now that you’ve completed the exercise in the previous Step, let’s look at how Erla structured the conclusion to her essay.

3 – In summary, Iceland has been growing significantly as a destination for tourism in the last years, and this project has clearly demonstrated the major economic contribution this makes, and thus the essential nature of tourism for the Icelandic economy This is a summary of the main points of the essay - words like “significant”, “major” and “essential” reveal the writers viewpoint.
4 – This growth is expected to continue in the future which will create jobs and require further investment, both in facilities and infrastructure. Here we have future predictions.
2 – However, this growth brings a number of urgent challenges and it should be a priority for the government to reform the governance of this industry with authority and a clear strategy, to ensure opportunities continue. The potential problems mentioned in the introduction are re-stated here, with recommendations for government.
1- It is also essential that tourism is distributed all around the country, and to emphasise balance in distribution of visitors over the year for better utilisation of resources.  
5 – In addition, it is fundamental to calculate and control the key measurements on a regular basis, otherwise tourism might not be sustainable long term, causing a negative impact on the country with unforeseeable consequences The essay ends with a statement of the implications of not following the recommendations made.

So how did the sentence sequence(s) you constructed in the previous Step compare?

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