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End of week 1

Watch Sheona and Tracey summarising the main talking points from this week.

Below are some further links to topics of particular interest.

Observation journals
You may want to use this tool to save your webpages and notes from the course: Pearltrees
Evernote is another useful online tool for capturing, organising, and sharing notes.

Language development
Multilingual preschoolers
How can I help my child to start talking?
Why does my toddler love repetition?
Let’s talk: How parent-child communication from birth to age 3 sets the stage for lifelong success
Listen to your mother: The use of many different words, not just many words, helps toddlers grow their vocabulary
The birth of a word
Raising bilingual children
You speak with an accent. I don’t.

Brain-based learning
Early childhood development - it’s not rocket science, it’s neuroscience!
How baby brains develop
The woman who changed her brain
How do you speak ‘motherese’?
The power of evening routines

Further reading
The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2016)

Facebook live broadcast
In case you missed yesterday’s Facebook live broadcast, you can watch it on British Council’s Learning English Parents Facebook page or on Step 1.4 of the course.

Coming up in Week 2

Next week we’ll be looking at learning through play, you’ll hear from a prominent speaker in the world of education, and you’ll see some really small children having fun in their English class.

If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 2.

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