Skip to 0 minutes and 2 secondsHello and welcome to this Lessons and Teaching course, part of the British Council's Teaching for Success Program. I'm Claire Ross and my colleague Suzanne Mordue and I will be your tutors throughout this course. As teachers and teacher trainers, you'll all be familiar with many of the challenges that English language teachers face. And in each week of this course, you'll consider a different aspect of teaching to help you develop professionally as a teacher. We'll start by looking at planning lessons and courses. You'll consider why and how teachers plan. And you'll see classroom videos of teachers from around the world. Next, we'll look at teaching resources.

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 secondsWe'll help you to make the most of what you've got and suggest new things to try. You'll consider the role of technology in teaching, as well as more traditional resources, such as flashcards and of course, the board. Classroom management is a vital teaching skill. You look at ways to give effective instructions, different types of group work, and how to really involve learners in your lessons. Whatever your level of experience, and no matter what learners you teach, this course will give you the opportunity to reflect on and share your current practice. And you'll find new ideas and activities to try with your learners, too. There are opportunities to ask our team questions throughout the course.

Skip to 1 minute and 32 secondsFor now, we'd like to know a bit more about you, so please tell us where you teach and what you hope to get out of the course.

Welcome to the course

In this video, Educators Claire Ross and Suzanne Mordue welcome you to the course and tell you what’s in store in the weeks ahead.

How does the course work?

Over the next four weeks, we’ll look at key professional practices that help make a successful teacher of English, to enable you to develop the skills you need for your continuing professional development (CPD). Each week focuses on a different practice: planning lessons and courses, managing resources, managing the lesson and taking responsibility for professional development.

Short video interviews with experienced teachers will be combined with classroom footage from around the world to illustrate the main points of each week.

Suzanne and Claire will guide you through each week’s content, offering tips, advice and downloadable resources at every stage.

At almost every step you will be asked to share your opinions, ideas and questions with other learners.

There’s also a chance to ask Suzanne and Claire questions about the course and English language teaching on our Facebook Live broadcast in Week 1.

Introduce yourself

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You’ll meet your educator for your course in Step 1.2, where you’ll also find tips on how to get the most out of the course.

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