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Summary and reflection

In this second week we focussed on how to evaluate. You were introduced to a three-step framework that will help structure your mini-evaluation. The week was designed to have a practical application and provide you with opportunity to begin putting the theory and your understanding into practice.

We also explored your perspectives (or position) of evaluation, data sources for evaluation with a focus on the sources of feedback (or lenses), methods to collect data and conceptualisations of feedback as data and the role of such data in the evaluative process.

In Week 3 we focus on ways of defining what is meant by student experience and how it may be measured. We will ask you to situate the student experience in your context and examine ways of measuring aspects of the student experience including effectiveness of methods and tools for evaluation.

Reflection point

This might also be the time that you think about the how the learnings from this week relate to your context and practice. Such reflections will contribute toward your ePortfolio activities 3(a) and 3(b).

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