The student experience: a university perspective

Through a process of strategic planning, universities work to identify and shape their vision of what type of student experience they offer. Each higher education institution aims to differentiate the unique elements which are part of their students’ experience. Having identified a unique student experience for the institution, it would next be necessary to plan an evaluation that enables the institution to measure the attainment of its intended student experience.

Case example: UNSW Scientia Educational Experience

With the introduction of the 2025 Strategy, UNSW has conceptualised the student experience as the Scientia Educational Experience to differentiate the unique elements which are part of a UNSW student’s experience.

UNSW has framed the student experience with four domains:

  • Communities
  • Feedback and Dialogue
  • Inspired Learning through Inspiring Teaching
  • Being Digital.

Reflection point

Think about how you would plan an evaluation to determine to what extent students at UNSW were experiencing the Scientia Educational Experience. What sources of data would you use?

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