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Overview of the week

This week provides a scaffold to think about how to move from evaluation to enhancement.

Over the past four weeks, we guided you through a journey which focused on evaluation exploring a variety of aspects which included a discussion of methods and approaches and the consideration of a systematic approach to evaluation of specific aspects of practice. We then moved onto a debate about what can be measured in regard to student experience and what Higher Education institution commonly measure (and care about).

Now we ask that you take a few steps back, distancing yourself from the evaluation process to look at the ‘bigger’ picture. In particular, this week we focus on:

  • key aspects affecting your practice moving from the individual (micro) to the broader context (macro)
  • a range of external factors at different levels affecting practice (at micro level, in the classroom and at the individual level)
  • reflecting on your practice within the broader policy framework
  • positioning your enhancement within the strategic frameworks of your contexts.

We need to consider the different level of analysis – so that you can:

  • place your practice within the context (i.e. micro, meso and macro)
  • become aware of regulations and policies which may govern your practice and evaluation
  • try to understand the complexities around the concepts of Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement.

These may lead to a difficulty in determining metrics and how to demonstrate improvement/enhancement.

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