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ePortfolio activities for this course

To meet the requirements of this course, Introduction to Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, which is the third course in the Foundations of University Learning and Teaching program, you must complete and record the following ePortfolio activities in your ePortfolio. You can refer to the ePortfolio rubric to support you in developing this activity.

You can find information on the requirements for, and instructions on how to set up, your ePortfolio is here.

Reflection on learning (Approximately 300 words)

3(a) Reflect on your mini-evaluation task, drawing from the process of designing and carrying out your mini- evaluation and discussions with your peers.

Reflection for action (Approximately 600 words)

3(b) Reflect on the two prompts below:

  • synthesise key strategies you have learned in the course (Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education) to enhance your practice
  • identify how evaluation (e.g. your mini-evaluation task) may contribute to enhancing learning and teaching

Post your reflections (a) on learning and (b) for action in the course (total maximum 900 words).


9 December 2019

You will submit your completed ePortfolio for marking and feedback via the FutureLearn Assessment course, once you have successfully completed all three (3) courses, upgraded each course and qualified for a Certificate of Achievement for each.

Successful completion of the ePortfolio will meet the requirements of the FutureLearn Program Award.

More information is available in Step 1.9 (ePortfolio Requirements).

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