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Overview of mini-evaluation task requirements

As mentioned in Step 1.6, this course requires you to complete your own mini-evaluation of one aspect of your teaching or practice and reflect on it. This component is linked to the e-portfolio requirements in Step 1.8 of this course.

How do you know if you are doing a good job? This question, which frames the course, requires evidence to answer with confidence. Evaluation data can provide some of this evidence.

The process of systematic evaluation is core to the practice of enhancing learning and teaching in higher education. Through this task you will be able to put theory into practice by doing your own mini-evaluation. Applying theory into practice is known as ‘praxis’.

The mini-evaluation task can be completed by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Identify your personal enhancement goal (Step 2.11)
  • Step 2: Select an appropriate methodology and articulate your evaluation plan (Step 2.12)
  • Step 3: Act on your plan to carry out a mini-evaluation of your practice (Step 3.10)
  • Step 4: Reflect on the process and learn from others (Step 3.11).

For this task, you will be able to apply the 3 stage framework which will be discussed in detail in Week 2 and evaluation tools as well as take a reflective stance on the process (described in this week).

More details are available in Week 2, Step 2.10

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