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Mini-evaluation task

As mentioned earlier, this course requires to complete your own mini-evaluation of one aspect of your teaching or practice and reflect on it. This component is linked to the e-portfolio requirements - see Step 3.14 of this course.

The focus here is for you to:

  • Step 3: Act on your plan to carry out a mini-evaluation of your practice (Step 3.11)
  • Step 4: Reflect on the process and learn from others (Step 3.12).

For this task, you will be able to apply the 3 stage framework (as described below) and evaluation tools as well as take a reflective stance on the process (described in the first week).

As a reminder, your mini-evaluation includes:

  1. Choose an area of your practice (Step 2.11) which you would like to improve and articulate an enhancement goal. For example: I would like to improve the student experience in the lab that I redesigned OR I would like to make the design of an online quiz more effective.

  2. Identify the appropriate methods (Step 2.12) to carry out the evaluation of your practice in line with what has been discussed in the previous sections.

  3. Carry out the mini-evaluation and reflect on the process (Step 3.10), use the template below to consolidate your findings, your experience of conducting the evaluation and your reflection on the process (Step 3.11) informing future actions leading to an enhancement of your practice.

Simplified 3 stage integrated teaching development framework. Stage 1: Determine a positioning, Stage 2: Choose interpretational lenses, perspectives and data sources, Stage 3: Integrate interpretations and critically reflect

Simplified 3 stage integrated teaching development framework (Vigentini, Negin & Kligyte, 2016). Used with permission.


Vigentini, L., Mirriahi, N. & Kligyte, G. (2016). From reflective practitioner to active researcher: Towards a role for learning analytics in higher education scholarship. In M. J. Spector, B. B. Lockee and M.D. Childress (Eds). Learning, Design, and Technology, Switzerland: Springer, pp 1-29.

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