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Business Model Canvas

We have not needed to use the word ‘business’ much in our exploration of problem solving and entrepreneurial development, but we would like to introduce it with determination here.

Alexander Osterwalder together with Yves Pigneur created a visual start up model called the Business Model Canvas.

Osterwalder’s company, Strategyzer (in collaboration with The Kauffman Foundation) have made the template available online to demonstrate how businesses create, share and deliver value, and, what’s more, they want to share it with you under a Creative Commons License.

If you want to see what the business model canvas might do for your idea, watch this 2 minute video from Entrepreneurship.org - Episode 1. (There are 6 episodes in total). Note that this will open in the same window, so if you watch more than one episode via this link, you will need to navigate back to the course.

You can download the canvas from the Downloads section and have a go at completing the canvas. You can complete it very quickly with your initial thoughts, and spend more time on it after the course to ensure that you get each block right. If you want to turn your ideas into a business, you need to be able to complete each of the 9 building blocks.

  • How might this model be useful for you now or in the future?

  • If you do map your idea to the canvas, what are the outcomes for you? Where are the gaps?

You can download the Business Model Canvas as a pdf or editable Word document.

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