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Problem based opportunities: A study group task

We are now going to ask you start discussing problems, and changes you would like to see made in a smaller study group.

Taking part in these discussions is really important for the development of your idea as we will continue to build on the discussion that you start here, throughout the course. By discussing in study groups first, you can feedback to others and develop your thinking before sharing in the wider course discussion. For further instructions about this task and to start the discussion, please now visit your study group.

How to join a study group:

To join a study group by clicking on the ‘Study group’ icon in the bar at the top of this page, to the left of the ‘Progress’ icon.


About study groups

Whenever you see the picture of the shed at the top of this page, it is time to work in your study group. In this group you will learn together with other learners who joined the group around the same time as you – most of them will comment, reply and like comments though some may choose to just read the conversation.

On this course you will use the study group to discuss your ideas and get more feedback from a smaller group each week. We know learning in groups is a powerful way to share knowledge, experience and perspectives. Through learning in this way we create new ideas and deeper understanding than we would learning alone.

Our mentors will occasionally be present in study groups. We will give you many opportunities to share the outcomes of your study group discussion with us and the rest of the learners on the course.

Study groups are optional though we highly recommend joining one to make the most of this course. You can return to your study group at any time throughout the course. If you wish to leave a group, then you can do so by clicking on ‘leave group’ on the top right of the study group page. Once you have left a group you can join another group at any time but you may not be able to get back to your original group, so before you leave a group make sure you make a note of any feedback you wish may wish to refer back to.

In the group please follow the code of conduct as you do on the rest of FutureLearn.

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