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Preparing for next week

You’ve reached the end of the first week of Essential Skills for Your Career Development.

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This week, you’ve explored:

  • modern approaches to defining and developing your career
  • a vision board and roadmap for your career path
  • your career vision.

You have focused on finding out what direction you want your career to go by identifying your ideal job. You explored your curiosities and how to bring these together with your skills to create a vision for your career. You’ve also put together a timeline and set milestones to help you achieve your career goals. In addition, you learned how to articulate your career aspirations to others.

Next week, you’ll focus on building networks and relationships in order to develop your career. Experts will talk about different approaches that can be taken to do this. You’ll also learn how to use feedback constructively and see why continuous learning will put you at an advantage when growing your career.

We look forward to you joining us again.

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Before you begin Week 2, take a moment to reflect on what you have learned so far.

  • What has surprised or inspired you?
  • What are you looking forward to in Week 2?

Share and discuss your responses with other learners in the Comments section.

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