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Central Mosque, Cologne
Central Mosque, Cologne, Germany

Religion and public space in Europe

Some years ago, the United Nations Alliance of Civilization and its Global Experts project published a series of articles on religion and public space all over the world. We recommend you read more about this project and go to their website.

For this course, you of course don’t have to read all fifteen articles listed at the bottom of the page. (Although we won’t keep you from doing so either!) For the purpose of this course, we encourage you to read one or all of these three short articles: Vitaly Naumkin’s piece on Russian muslims, Virginie Guiraudon’s piece on religious expression in France and Sara Silvestri’s article on “multicultural confusion”. Yet you might find original ideas and insightful analyses in other articles, too.

Of course, together, you can read all articles and discuss and compare their arguments with each other.

While reading, try to find an answer to the following questions:

  • What is the problem the author observes?
  • What are the solutions they provide?
  • Are there recurring themes or similar observations in the articles?
  • Do authors offer the same, or different solutions to problems?

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