A single rose among green bushes

Diluting your flower scented oil

We have included the dilutions that we used and our observations in an example table that we have included for you in the additional PDF file at the bottom of this step. For each dilution, remember to take a new volume of the flower oil you have made and dilute it with new olive oil.

An example: Roses

Dilution Volume of flower oil (mL) Volume of new olive oil (mL) Scent description
None 50 0 floral
1 in 2 10 10 floral
1 in 4 5 15 slightly floral & fruity
1 in 6 5 25 fruity, not floral
1 in 8 5 35 fresh, fruity
1 in 10 5 45 fresh, fruity

Let us know how your flower extraction went!

When you are done we would love to see your results! Upload a picture of your table and the oil you have made using our open Padlet or the Twitter hashtag #FLchemistry, telling us what flowers you have chosen

Having filled in the dilutions table, try and provide a quick summary of your results here so we can explore commonalities and variations.

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