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Welcome back

Welcome back to Week 2 of Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving.

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Last week you started by exploring how people use data in their work and everyday lives, and reflected on the way that new technologies have changed our relationship to data. You discussed ways that businesses use data to solve problems, and investigated how you can analyse and interpret datasets to discover trends and insights.

In Week 2, you’ll follow Aisha in our case study as she discovers a problem with her data, and tries to create an evidence-based plan for a new business opportunity. You’ll discover what you need to know about using data legally and responsibly at work and debate the ethics of data collection. You’ll also produce a plan to use data to help a business do better and have a go at designing a simple visualisation to communicate the insights you uncover with data.

Last week you looked at Aisha’s data and considered what problem she might have with her plans for promoting a special offer to her customers. As you progress through this week you will explore more data from her business, and use it to develop your plan and visualisation.

You can choose to work through the steps using your own problem and data as an example. At each stage there will be simple questions and exercises that you can apply to your own problem.

If you don’t feel ready to explore your own data, you can work through Aisha’s case study this week applying the tools and processes to her problem. Then when you feel more confident, repeat the steps on a problem of your choice.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

On each step, remember to click the ‘mark as complete’ button at the bottom. This will allow you to track your progress on the course.

Share your thoughts:

  • What problem did you notice with Aisha’s data last week?
  • Is there a problem you have at work or in your personal life that you could use data to solve?

Refresh your memory about Aisha’s story, and share your reflections with other learners in the Comments.

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