Welcome to Week 2

Let’s start this week by talking about the clip you watched at the end of last week from Amal’s lesson and answering the questions we asked you to think about. Watch the video again then read the answers below to see if you were right.

  • What’s Amal, the teacher, doing?
    She's asking questions to get learners involved and engaged.
  • Is it the beginning or the end of the lesson?
    It's the beginning of the lesson, she's introducing the topic.
  • Why is Amal asking questions instead of telling the learners what’s in the picture?
    Asking questions means that learners are active and engaged in the lesson, and Amal can find out what they know.

Were you right? It’s all about motivation and engaging learners right from the start of the lesson and that’s our topic this week: How to manage and motivate learners.

In the first part of the week, we’re going to talk about learner motivation and you’ll find out about strategies for keeping learners engaged so that you can maximise their learning and make teaching even more rewarding and trouble free.

Later in the week we’ll look at some of the teaching techniques we use to organise learners and make lessons more interesting. We’re going to talk to learners, we’ll hear from teachers and, of course, we’d like to hear what you think about motivating and managing learners.


What do you hope you’ll learn this week? Share your answer in the comments.

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