Just you, your learners and the classroom

We’ve been talking about teachers sometimes having to teach with limited resources. We have ourselves, the classroom, and the learners. What can a teacher do with limited resources?

We’d like you to make a recording giving your ideas on how teachers can use themselves, the classroom and/or their learners as a resource. Go to SpeakPipe, make your recording and then post it in our comments section. If you have difficulties using SpeakPipe, you can use a device (your phone or computer) which has a recording tool on it.

In your recording say:

  • which resource you would use (eg you, your learners, your classroom)
  • how you would use the resource (eg the kinds of questions you’d ask learners and the activity learners would do)
  • what language learners would practise (eg what skill or skills; what vocabulary and/or grammar).
  • If you would prefer to write your answers instead of making a recording, then use the comments section to write your ideas. Make sure you listen to some of the other participants’ recordings too.

    How to use SpeakPipe

    • Go to SpeakPipe.

    • Click ‘Start recording’. (If you are asked, click ‘Allow’ to let the website access your microphone.)

    • Click ‘Stop’ when you have finished, then choose ‘Save on server’.

    • Copy and paste the link into the comments! (If you’re using a mobile device, open the link in a new window and then copy and paste it.)

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