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Top tips for how to select resources

In the previous step we talked about selecting or making your own resources. Here are our top tips. Are your top tips listed here?

Make sure:

  • the resource will help you achieve your lesson aim
  • the resource is appropriate for the group of learners
  • the topic is relevant and interesting for your learners
  • learners like doing the kind of activity the resource asks them to do
  • you haven’t done too much of this kind of activity recently
  • the resource helps you to provide variety within the lesson
  • you are allowed to photocopy or otherwise distribute this resource
  • the resource doesn’t take you a long time to prepare
  • you can use the activity again with another class.
  • Task

    Which of these tips do you think are the most important? Choose up to four tips from the list and explain why you’ve chosen them. Share your ideas in the discussion board.

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