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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds So what kind of courses then are available to people nowadays if somebody wants to do a course preparing to be an English language teacher? Well, there are lots of courses that people can do. I mean, there are short online courses, completely online, that you can do. There are also courses that are partly online with maybe a weekend tagged on with some teaching practice. But the teaching practice isn’t with - Is it with real students? No, it’s usually peer teaching. And of course there are - there’s the Cambridge CELTA but there are other four-week courses that also include teaching practice. I think teaching practice is really important. Don’t you? Yeah.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 seconds What you can learn - you can learn about the methodology online. But what you can’t learn is how much to plan for a lesson. You can’t learn kind of what’s easy or difficult for learners, because it’s only - But also you don’t know what learners are going to do. I mean, learners do stuff in a lesson that makes you have to do something different. And you have to respond to them. Exactly. Yeah. And all those skills like eliciting things from learners - you can only learn those things if you have practice. So my recommendation is always to do a course that includes teaching practice. Teaching practice. I agree. I agree. Because you’ll be a better teacher.

Skip to 1 minute and 14 seconds And your learners deserve the best teacher that they can get. You might be passing through, but they’re maybe on a lifelong journey to learn English. Yeah.

What training can you do?

Monica and Marie Therese talk about some of the different training options available.

Watch the video and make a list of the different types of courses they mention. What aspect of training do they consider to be important?

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