Motivation, motivation, motivation

Here’s a list of motivational strategies, some of which Monica, Marie Therese and our teachers and learners mentioned in the video in the previous step. Choose one strategy that you think would be particularly helpful and add a comment to say why.

Classroom environment

  • Learn and use students' names.
  • Make eye contact with everyone and smile regularly.
  • Respond to your students naturally and use humour where appropriate.
  • Materials

  • Choose materials which match learners' needs and are pitched at the right level of challenge.
  • Include pictures and diagrams on worksheets.
  • Avoid overloading worksheets with too much text.
  • Give learners a choice of activities.
  • Learner participation

  • Elicit language and ideas from students.
  • Provide a balance between teacher talking time and student talking time.
  • Provide plenty of opportunities to practise language.
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