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What learning styles are there?

Let’s go into some of the terminology for different learning styles. How many of the words below do you know?

When you are teaching new vocabulary it’s useful to help learners work out the meaning of new words, using the context, and other information. Have a go at doing this by looking at the learning styles below, and thinking about the possible meaning. Then go to Quizlet and match the learning style with the description. If you are not able to access the Quizlet, you can find all these words in our Week 2 glossary.

How many could you work out? As a learner do you prefer someone to tell you all the definitions? Or do you prefer to work them out (if possible).

  • Visual learner
  • Auditory learner
  • Kinaesthetic learner
  • Interpersonal learner
  • Intrapersonal learner
  • Experiential learner </il> </ul>

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