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What’s wrong with these sentences?

Now that you know a bit about parts of speech and verb forms you can start analysing some bits of grammar so that you can help learners to be more accurate.


Look at these sentences from learners. What’s wrong with them? What should the sentence be? Why has the learner made the mistake?

For example:

Analyse these sentences in a similar way; correct the sentence then say why you think the learner might have made the mistake.

2) Jamil throwed the ball and Suni scored a goal.

3) I’m waiting for Suki, she always arrive late.

4) Oh no, look at those clouds, it going to rain!

5) Zing is tall with brown eyes and she has a long hair.

6) Can you get me a tea sweet? I’ll pay you back later.

7) I live at a small village a few miles outside the city.

8) I went to cinema and saw fantastic movie last week.

Check your answers with the document at the bottom of this step.


Was it easy to find the mistakes? Could you name them? Did you have ideas about why the learners made them? Write a comment to say what you found easy and what you found difficult.

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