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Do It Yourself!

Throughout the course we’ve used lots of different digital tools. We’ve used Quizlet to introduce new vocabulary and to revise new terminology, and Padlet to share links and images, and Vocaroo to record your voice.

Now, we think it’s time for you to make your own activity on Quizlet or Padlet! Choose one of the following ideas and make your own Padlet or Quizlet. Both of these tools have free versions which you can use.


Here’s one idea to try. Make a Padlet with useful things you’ve found, or learned on the course.

Find useful links from steps in the course where other learners have shared ideas. Steps you can look at are:
Step 2.6 Add materials you think are motivating to a board.
Step 3.7 Songs you can use in the class. Find songs in the comments sections.
Step 4.14 Look in the comments section to find word games to add to your board.
Step 4.19 Choose an activity to help with pronunciation.

Make your own Padlet board by following the instructions here. You can use the Padlet in the same way that we’ve used it in the course, adding links to useful resources, or adding images.

  • Just double-click anywhere on the page, click the button that says add attachment, and add your link or your files.
  • You can use it to share materials with learners, or to make interactive tasks.
  • When you’ve made your Padlet, add a link to it to the comments section.

Here’s an example of a Padlet board about digital resources from Cambridge English.

If it’s not possible to make your Padlet, you can describe what you would put on your board and put the links to them in the comments.


Here’s an idea for trying Quizlet. Choose a group of 8-10 new vocabulary items. This could be words or phrases, for example, useful words you have learned on the course, with definitions. Create a set by following the instructions here.

When you’ve finished, share the link in the comments. If it’s not possible to make the Quizlet, you can describe what you would make in the comments. Try out each others’ games and make sure you like any which you enjoyed!

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