End of course video and glossary

We’ve reached the end of the course. Throughout the course we’ve ended each week with a glossary and a video. The end of course video will appear here on Friday 11th August at around 3pm (UK time), and in this step you can download the glossary which includes all the words from the glossary steps.

We’re also sharing our final country profile with you. This time we look at the UK. Click here to learn more about what it’s like to teach in the UK, or find the link in the ‘Downloads’ section below.

This week we’ve looked at your next steps. What are you thinking of doing next? Would you like to teach refugees? If so, you can register for Volunteering with Refugees, which starts on 4th September. This is a new MOOC, developed by Cambridge English and Crisis Classroom. The course provides strategies and techniques for supporting the diverse needs of refugees, and it has a specific focus on language support.

You can also find the articles by Jason Anderson that Monica mentions below in the ‘Downloads’ section, and you can find the link to ELT Chat that Marie Therese mentions in the ‘See also’ section below.

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