Video review of Week 1

Our lead educator, Genny, looks back at some interesting talking points from this week in her video.

Genny starts by explaining that this is a special course as it’s our 10th anniversary! She’s been enjoying meeting you here online and reading your comments about where you live - in particular, the lovely descriptions from Fabrice and Juvenal.

This week we talked about what English feels like for you and Genny quotes comments from Carolina and Teresa, on magical worlds and credit cards!

Language, culture and accents came up this week and Genny recommends joining in with the conversations on these topics on step 1.6. Hilda’s comment was just one of the interesting stories describing your different motivations for learning English that Genny loved in week 1.

Genny goes on to give advice on how to deal with the passive form, our grammar focus this week, and thanks Iulia for sharing lots of useful examples.

She sums up with a mention of our incredibly popular Facebook Live broadcast (you’ll hear discussions on vegetarianism, British cheese and the history of the English language amongst other topics on the video) and a reminder about what’s coming up in week 2.

Genny shared the links below to resources that you might find useful.
Cultural intelligence and why it’s important
How to stay motivated when learning a language
How English evolved into a global language
The origins of English
How to use the passive voice

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Coming up in Week 2

Next week we’ll be talking about British music! If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 2.

You can always use the To do icon at the top of the page to see what’s coming up or go back to previous weeks and catch up.

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