Video review of Week 2

In this video, Neil looks back over some of the highlights of Week 2, and shares lots of extra resources to help you practise your English and explore British and World music further. You can also watch this video with subtitles on our YouTube channel.

Here are some of the links Neil mentioned:

In this post, Elena Ostashchenko shares some great songs for specific grammar or vocabulary activities. LyricsTraining is a great way to build your listening skills, learn new vocabulary and listen to your favourite songs at the same time. And this map, shared by Julia Sem, shows where all your favourite British bands and singers come from.

Watch the Exploring English World of Music YouTube playlist and also this video of Eder Francisco, one of the learners on this course, playing on Brazilian TV. If you enjoyed Step 2.12, this fantastic BBC Radio programme looks at Tropicalia, a musical revolution that arose in Brazil in the late sixties and seventies - it’s full of great music and fascinating history.

One of my favourite tools to learn about different kinds of music all around the world is Every Noise at Once, which lets you hear samples of everything from classical to K-Pop on Spotify. And another site I love is 100 Years of Rock -in less than a minute - it’s a great way to learn the vocabulary of rock genres!

For anyone who is not clear about when to use (or not use) ‘who’ or ‘whom’, check this answer, and click here for more practice with relative clauses.

You can find the Language Clinic transcript here.

And finally, you can find the answer to Simon’s question from last week here. Did you find the three Beatles songs I mentioned? Add them in the comments below!

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Next week we’ll be discovering more about the British countryside and finding out about your countries as well! If you want to get started right away, go to the To do list for Week 3.

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